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care instructions

Polished surfaces can be gently rubbed with a soft clean cloth, Argentium silver items should be cleaned with an Argentium cleaning cloth.
It is always best to wash jewellery in warm soapy water, rinse with clean water, and dry with a paper towel
after using a polishing cloth.
As with other precious metals it is recommended to remove Argentium silver jewellery before entering chlorinated or salt-water swimming baths/jacuzzis and before carrying out practices where Argentium silver could come into contact with chemicals such as applying hand cream or washing hair. If this is not done there is the possibility of the Argentium silver reacting with these chemicals.

Gold and silver jewellery with a textured surface can be kept clean by gentle scrubbing using a soft brush 
(many people keep an old toothbrush just for this purpose) with a little mild detergent and warm water 
then dry with a paper towel. This simple routine will also help keep any stones at their sparkliest. 

Oxidised (blackened) silver may be cleaned in the same way; 
do not immerse them in commercial liquid jewellery cleaners or rub with a polishing cloth 
as this may remove the oxidised finish. 

The underlying silver of oxidised chains and ring shanks will show through over time, 
this should be viewed as the natural evolution of the piece and is not a defect. YouTube has lots of videos with instructions for re-oxidising silver. 
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