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I grew up in Guernsey within sight of the coast of France.

I adored the sea as a child, it inspired in me a love and respect for the rawness of nature.

Since studying Three Dimensional Design at Camberwell School of Art & Crafts - silversmithing (now University of the Arts London)

I have been lucky enough to exhibit in over 60 galleries from Canada throughout the UK and Europe to Japan and New Zealand.

My work is not about the fashion of the moment rather I make things I trust people will cherish for a lifetime.

What I make now rarely comes from sketches (unless I have to communicate a design to a client).

I see what I want to make in my mind and allow my hands to create it, this is the sense of confidence gained over 30 years experience. Sometimes the intrinsic beauty of imperfections will remain in a piece, at other times perfection is absolute;

this is what makes for uniqueness.

In the 90's my medium was pewter and brass, I fabricated brooches, earrings and cufflinks

inspired by children's stories and poems such as

'The Emperor's New Clothes' pictured below. 

Silver was my first love; however gold, platinum and diamonds became the staple during my twelve years working in New Zealand.

Now I am back in the UK I have changed from standard sterling silver to Argentium silver, a purer form of sterling silver.

It works differently to 925 silver and resists tarnish very effectively. 

Argentium silver is considered hypoallergenic and antibacterial having mostly germanium rather than purely copper as the alloying metal.

Combining it with high carat gold provides a most beautiful contrast and a great scope of possibilities as far as design is concerned. Integrating hand picked brightly coloured precious and semi-precious stones widens those possibilities even further.

My raised pieces are predominantly made from .999 pure silver, and the 'Contorta Cup' has been selected

to be exhibited at The Goldsmiths Centre in London from July to September 2019.

I feel my work is simplifying but I still have to indulge in highly elaborate pieces from time to time...just for the joy of it!

For my latest work go to my new studio and shop at North Street Jewellers

'The Emporer's New Clothes' pewter brooch 1996

'The Emperor's New Clothes' pewter & brass brooch 1991

ladle jug form 2018

Simple 18ct gold ring

simplicity of form

18ct peach gold ring 2018

contorta teapot

contorta Teapot 2018

byzantine diamond ring

byzantine diamond ring 2018

contorta jug form 2018

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